Starting Point
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This is where you will learn the basics of the roleplay. Everything in here is mandatory and needs to be read for everything to go smoothly. If any questions remain after reading all the information inside, feel free to PM a admin for assistance.

The News
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While it's a pesky responsibility, the beings will occasionally decide to broadcast their agendas across a wide area and through all factions. Make sure you pay attention, they aren't forgiving.

Inside: Help Desk

Start Screen

Character Customization
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This is where character apps will be placed. Once approved the character account will be sorted out into it's correct faction and accepted area. Face Claims and the Directory are inside this board as well.

Inside: Accepted Neutral Faction, Accepted Law Faction, Accepted Criminal Faction

Bulletin Board
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This is where characters can plot together, collaborate on want ads, and have their basic communications through phone/text/email. Feel free to abuse this board to get to know the characters around.

Inside: Communications, Want Ads, Trackers


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A invite-only event. Inside is a place where the gods play with the dreams of those in the toybox. A scene or a game is played with those in their grasp and they're not ready to let go yet.


Sumner City
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About thirty miles away from Georgetown is the biggest city of them all. Sumner City is packed with all walks of life, people from all over the world, and is one of the biggest places in state. Skyscrapers touching the sky with still hints to it's Georgian roots, this large place has plenty of life in it. It's also known for it's large immigrant population and beautiful boardwalk. There is a very large lake that cuts through the city at random.

Inside: Sumner City Hall, Parker Stadium, Downtown Mall, Landry Park, Sumner Hospital, Jefferson Schools, Barclay University, East Sumner Community College, Jesse's Bar

Outskirts of Sumner City
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This is where you'll find everything else that has poured out of Sumner City. Quite a few apartments and suburban homes also litter the area. If one drives out in this area they'll find the large animal shelter, the jail, the zoo, and several other areas. The Jail tends to have a 'jailbreak' every few weeks to let the Criminals who have been captured free.

Inside: Sanders Forest and Picnic Areas, City Shelter, Westhill Jail, Sumner Zoo, Morning Glory Apartments, Police Station

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Georgetown is a moderate sized town about twenty five miles away from Allenworths Island. Generally the populace are people who have moved away from the bigger cities. They have a quaint little town with a few restaurants, a few churches, a bustling main street, and even more. Mostly known for it's quiet and peaceful nature, they have a very low crime rate and are often one of those so called tourist traps since they are the only way to get to Allenworths Island.

Inside: Main Street, 2nd Street, Historical District, Artisan District, Georgetown Beach, Beach District

Allensworth Island
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If you can catch the ferry here then more than likely you'll have a good time. Allensworth Island is a decently sized area that's a little ways off the coast and the public beach. Allensworth Island has a nice sized hotel so people can stay the night and many attractions that always seem to bombard you everywhere. It's said that since the event, many people have noticed there's quite a few more fish around.

Inside: Community Theater, Restaurant Square, Oceanview


General Board
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You can talk about anything here.

Inside: Introductions and Absences, Fun and Games, Showing off and Coding Corner

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You can advertise your board here. It is guest friendly. You are free to advertise how many times you want as long as we can do the same. If we cannot link back or we have to put in an email to advertise, your ad will be deleted.

Inside: First Links (Proboards), First Links (Jcink, other hosts) , Link Backs / Sorted Ads

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